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VIP Construction Coaching Packages

Every business owner has a dream in mind when they get started.

Believe me, no matter how busy you feel now, achieving the dream is possible.

VIP Coaching with The Construction Doctor is a way for highly motivated small business owners to step away from the fast pace of their daily demands and focus on real action and real transformation.

Together, each client and Richard “Doc” Eley come up with a customized plan achieve work-life balance while building a thriving construction business.

Here are five steps that will allow you to master this principle: 

  • Learn the fundamentals of Working ON Your Business Not IN Your Business having power over time, instead of your time having power over you so that most of the time, you are proactive rather than reactive  
  • Learn how to increase the productivity of the business and employees, now and in the future so you get the highest return on your largest expense 
  • Learn how to focus on what matters most in life and stay true to your highest values working from a place of creating, rather than “surviving” to truly live the dream you first had about owning your own company 
  • Learn the process of creating a culture for your company experiencing having “fun” in business again where employees act and make decisions in alignment of your vision instead of their own 
  • Achieve more Freedom to do the things you want to do reducing the stress in personal and business life so that you can position your company to sell or to run without needing you day to day 

Modular Package

  • Business Coaching VIP ½ Day + a Year of 15minute Laser ‘GitEr Done’ Coaching Sessions – monthly payment plans are available.
  • ‘Git-Er Done’ Unlimited 15Minute Laser Coaching Sessions. You have the availability to have as many 15minute coaching session with me as you wish for an entire year to support you long after your VIP time with me. Once you finish your homework you can schedule your next 15minute session. 

Model Package

  • For One Year – Includes One Full Day Business Coaching VIP + support for one full yearmonthly payment plans are available.
  • One  onehour coaching session per month with me + unlimited 15 minute Git’Er Done’ Laser Coaching Sessions to keep you accountable and help you implement the plan we create 
  • One  onehour Coaching Session per month with a Key Team Member to make sure you have a full-time employee helping you faithfully implement what we create on you VIP Day

Custom Package

Fill out the form above to get started!

We’ll schedule a call and discuss your strategic business goals and current obstacles. Together, you and I will design a package that meets the unique needs of your operation.

And as with all of our packages, it comes with our money-back Happiness Guarantee!

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